A: The cost of your project may vary greatly depending on the scope of work, scale, and selectionof materials used during construction. Our team will work closely with you to find theaccessories, finishes andlayout that works best for your budget.

A: Yes we do. This allows us to guarantee the consistency and quality of all items used duringyour project while ensuring we get the best products and value for your budget.

A: Yes. Envy Renovations works with a carefully selected network of experienced trade partners.Working with our subcontractors allows us to provide exceptional servicereliably and quickly tocomplete your project on schedule.

A: It depends on what your project scope is. Envy Renovations ensures that all projects andrenovations are up to the city’s current building code standards and will apply for and secure allrelevant permits for your project.

A: Each project isunique,and timelines will always depend on the scope, scale, and intricacy ofyour renovation. While smaller and more straightforward projects can be completed in about 2-4weeks, more complex renovations could take up to 3-4 months. Envy Renovations will happilywork alongside you lay out a project scope that fits as closely to your timeline as possible.

A: Envy Renovations is proud to partner with homeowners on a varying range of renovations.From minor updates or repairs tocomplete overhauls and more. No matter what your projectlooks like, we’re here to help!

A: Yes! Envy Renovations works with a wide array of wholesalesuppliers andare happy to giveyou the opportunity to select finishes and materials from any vendor. We also work with manylocal suppliers to ensure wecanprovide the most competitive prices on all accessories andfinishes.

A: Check out ourProjects Section and Galleryto learn about work we have completed in the pastand to get inspiration for your upcomingtransformations.

A: Planning a renovation of any size can feel like a monumental task. Thankfully, Envyrenovations is here to help guide you along the way.

If you’re looking for inspiration, checkout ourblogandprevious projects to see what otherhomeowners like you have done.

If you need help setting a budget, give us a call and we can give you a quick range estimate foryour desired project.

If you’re ready for an in-person consultation,contact us todayto set up a time for a visit and getyour renovation project underway!

A: Not at all. If you’re planning on a large-scale renovation but want to take care of smallerportions one at a time, Envy Renovations can work with you to set a plan of action in place,ensuring that each portion of the project is accomplished in the best sequence possible.

A: Yes! Our experienced team of renovators makes it easy to turn your dreams into a reality.

A:Envy Renovations is a big believer in transparency and communication. We want to ensurethat you are kept in the loop throughout the entireproject.Ascertain milestones are reached, orupdates become available, we will call/text/email you to keep you as updated as possible on theexciting news.

A: Depending on your project, Envy Renovations will set pre-determined milestones andprogress payments for your convenience.

A: Absolutely! As long as your timeline allows it, performing renovations and improving yourhomecan help increase the value of your property when you sell. It can make your home morecomfortable and appealing to live in.

A: In the varying climate of Edmonton,it’s often easier to get exterior work on theroof,chimneys, siding, etc. done in the summer and fall. But with proper insulation and equipment,exterior work can be done in Edmonton at any time of the year because the temperatures hereare relatively predictable. And because we have a full roster of renovation staff, we canaccommodate your project at any time of year. Most interior renovations are unaffected by theweather. In fact, material suppliers often face decreased demand in the winter, resulting infewer delays due to shortages.

A: Yes! Envy renovations team has a long history in building new homes here in Edmonton. Weare very familiar with each step of the process and can either help you with project managementservices, or take on the whole project and buildyou your dream home.