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Envy Renovations knows the funniest part of renovating a bathroom is choosing fixtures and finishes while imagining the new shower. However, Bathroom Renovations in Edmonton must be planned as to not affect your work-lifestyle balance and disrupt your family. Luckily, we are here to walk you through the critical decisions about how to maximize function and help increase your remodelling value, so you have all the information on your bathroom renovation. Bathroom remodels need great products and high quality workmanship. We are serving Edmonton, St Albert, and surrounding areas. Call today for a free estimate



Effective remodelling designs require an evaluation of your space in Edmonton, Alberta. Can you expand the size? Are you able to shrink that spare bedroom closet to make a spa retreat? SO, yeah you have key decisions to make about how the room functions. Thus, this involves planning, drawing, and taking measurements. What size vanity can you fit into your particular bathroom as per the code? Are you keeping the bathtub shower combo or are you looking for maximum comfort and effectiveness? What kind are the trends and classic designs that stay popular throughout the years adding maximum value?

An Envy bathroom restoration can increase space, function, and feel while increasing value, as bathroom renovations, are return on investment generators. The process is easy due to our experience renovating bathrooms or adding a new bathroom to a basement suite. We’ll meet with you at the location of your desired bathroom renovation to go over where your bathroom is at now, and where you would ultimately like us to take it. Minor upgrades or a full remodel – we do it all!


We provide tools in our resource page to assist with this initial first step in your Edmonton bathroom renovation. As a knowledgeable and professional contractor, we help with your bathroom renovation project every step of the way using quality products. This first phase is your action plans and guide ensuring every task is done correctly and to specification. The plan will contain a master budget that will highlight all fixtures, décor and labour. This will often be described as the scope of your project

As a qualified bathroom renovation contractor envy will as answer any questions that will choices that improve efficiency. Including things like a low-flow toilet, faucet, and showerhead can save water and reduce utility bills. Whatever is most important to you, the right company will ensure your renovation plans include it. So if your looking for a renovation company to complete your home renovations Envy is here to help.

Edmonton Bathroom Renovation Services at a Glance:

  • Stock or custom vanity and countertop selection, design, and installation
  • Flooring and tile installation that will stand the test of time
  • Custom waterproofing to prevent mold and leakage
  • Quality plumbing and electricity work
  • Tile, Fiberglass, and Wedi board system for shower systems
  • Tub and shower installation – choose from a massive selection of gorgeous soaker tubs
  • Structural changes, such as moving walls to increase the overall size of your bathroom
  • HVAC exhaust fan and ducting
  • All Types of lighting fixtures
  • Smart Toilets

Paint Colours, Design layout

Time to plan your design and get samples for the process to begin. This is where our process, trades and team shine. Picking the colours depends on a multitude of factors. Style, trend, backsplash, trim and cabinetry materials are combined with your flooring selection to make this activity smooth. Things to consider is resale and return on investment. You can review ROI under the resources section. Typically, a renovated bathroom in Edmonton takes roughly 2 to 3 weeks, depending on a few factors. Size and customer options may take longer. Also, a dedicated space for tools, materials and working is often required ahead of the jobs this way, everything is on hand for the renovation to move efficiently.



Time to begin renovating your new bathroom. We need access usually from 7am-7pm usually for scheduling and construction flow. Envy renovations will layout floor protection and install ploy over the area opening to keep dust reduction and noise down. Our Customers often praise us on how well we keep the site clean and interact with them.

Quick Bathroom Renovation Questions

Smaller three-piece bathrooms using best practices and trades combined with middle-level materials will price out at $16,000 – $20,000. However, this is your standard bathroom and not a large or custom area. Visit our costing guide.

Average-sized bathrooms should take 1 week to 2 weeks depending on schedule, materials, and access.

Yes, we are fully insured with a commercial policy of 5 million!

Yes! We do partial aspects of renovations.

Depending on the phone consultation and the email exchange we do both. The reason is time is money and having your project quoted by 4-7 contractors may land you a cheaper price but is frowned upon in the industry. Quality, price, and service all come at a cost and you as the homeowner should have a budget.


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